Thursday, October 27, 2011

experience during task given

i want to story about my experience during class ENG276. Let's begin with the task that i get is doing a movie maker.The task is entitle my self.At first,i'm blur with what i'm must do because in my laptop does not have software for the movie maker.I ask my friend "do you have movie maker software" and they said "yes".I'm still blurring with what i'm must do.And i start thinking,why not i just download the software.

i open my laptop and online the google and find the cnet which is the place we can download every software there.And i found the software.Yes,have a lot of software there and i'm blurring again,i don't know which one should i pick up.And i download movie maker for 2011.Oh its almost the due time for the movie maker will present.sigh

first i must find old picture for my family,but i does not found it.i give up to find it and i just put my mother and brothers picture only.its okay at least i have the picture of them.Okay,in the movie maker i just put only my family picture but does not have my father's picture.The hobbies and also the dream place where i want to go is Italy.The most beautiful place in the world.

On the day presentation,i was so nervous.Even i make a preparation its does not mean we never got nervous right ?Oh i can't wait for my turn and yes my turn is coming .Okay,the movie maker was stuck,i do not know what to do.Why i'm not bring my laptop.sigh

Okay i use GOM player which make it more stuck.Ah what can i do right ? just go on with my presentation.i show to audience a.k.a my friend the movie.yeah , they enjoy it :)

i'm feel so happy doing the movie maker.and all the task given is fun actually but it was a worst if we not prepare well. thank you and that's all from me 

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